Getting Started

FlexiGIS is developed and tested on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04.6). The tools and software used and their versions are listed in the following:

  • Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS, Release: 16.04, Codename: xenial

  • PostgreSQL version: 11.2 (64-bit)

  • PostGIS version: 1.5.3

  • osmosis version: 0.44.1

  • osm2pgsql version: 0.88.1 (64bit id space)

  • GNU Make version: 4.2.1

  • Python: 3.6.7

  • GNU bash: 4.3.48(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)

Before running FlexiGIS ensure the following dependencies are installed. PostgreSQL: To install PostgreSQL, refer to the PostgreSQL page. Please note that you need at least the same version or higher to run FlexiGIS.

Osmosis: To use Osmosis, unzip the distribution (which can be obtain from Osmosis) in the location of your choice. On unix/linux systems, make the bin/osmosis script executable (ie. chmod u+x osmosis). If desired, create a symbolic link to the osmosis script somewhere on your path (eg. ln -s appdir/bin/osmosis ~/bin/osmosis).

osm2pgsql: Instruction on how to download and install osm2pgsql for Linux systems are available on Osm2pgsql page.

Python: Ensure you can run python (with version 3 and above) on your OS. Download Python or the Anaconda distro. cbc solver: See here for cbc installation instruction.

To use the FlexiGIS spatial-temporal package download the FlexiGIS code and data folder as a zip file or clone the repository from the FlexiGIS GitHub repository. After downloading the FlexiGIS code, unzip the folder FlexiGIS in the location of your choice. The file structure of the FlexiGIS folder is as follows:

  • FlexiGIS
    • ├── code

    • ├── data

    • │   ├── 01_raw_input_data

    • │   ├── 02_urban_output_data

    • │   ├── 03_urban_energy_requirements

    • │   └── 04_Visualisation

    • ├── doc

    • ├──

    • └── requirements.txt

see Directory Description for detailed description of the FlexiGIS subdirectory contents.


folder 02_urban_output_data and 03_urban_energy_requirements are created as output from FlexiGIS code, these folders are used to store output files.